From the ages of life, we have been managing to survive in this world and from that time the word,” management” has gained more and more importance. Since we understand the importance of managing one should know that what is management and scope of management. As its scope has tremendously increased in recent years, management has become an integral part of our lives these days. From business to the household, everywhere things are needed to be managed so that the goals can be achieved. For any successful organization, good management is the key. Management meaning can be explained as getting work done by other people while leadership means getting things done and achieving goals with the people together. There’s a difference between management and leadership.

Whether it’s a businessman or an engineer, both needs management in their lives and in their work without which the attainment of goals isn’t possible. A businessman tries to manage its employees, customers, functionality, markets etc. Similarly, an engineer manages his time, resources, people etc. So that they can achieve their objectives fully. It does not only helps in achieving goals and objectives but also teaches us to live the way of life.

Management is a process relating to the functions of planning, organizing, directing, staffing, controlling, coordinating and leading. When the work is performed in a most effective and efficient manner as per the process, the goals are achieved by any organization. Effectiveness means doing the right thing while efficiency means doing things in a right manner. Both things are to be considered in management.

Management Definition

There are many management definitions given by different experts but one of the famous management definition was given by F. W. Taylor. He defined, “Management is an art of knowing what  to do when to do, and to see that it is done in the best and cheapest way.”

It has always been a hot topic for discussion that management is a science as wells as an art, but the focus has always been on the achievement of goals and objectives in the best possible way. Identifying the task, identifying the way to complete that task, identifying the time of performing that task and identifying the most right and economical way to complete that task is explained by F W Taylor in his management definition.

Use of management can be explained in the following categories:

  1. Management as a Process
  2. Management as a Discipline
  3. Management as a Profession
  4. Management as a Group
  5. Management as an Art
  6. Management as a Science
  7. Management as an Activity


Characteristics of Management

There are many characteristics of management which explains the scope of management in the best way. Some of the characteristics of management are:

  1. Goal-oriented process
  2. Pervasive
  3. Multidimensional
  4. Continuous process
  5. Group activity
  6. Dynamic function
  7. Intangible
  8. Effectiveness and Efficiency
  9. Discipline
  10. Art and Science


Scope of Management

The scope of management can be defined in the following areas:

  1. Functional area: Areas like finance, production, purchasing, personnel (HR), marketing, development, operations, transport, distribution etc. require different sort of management. From accounting, budget control, labor, raw material to research and development, plant and machinery everything is managed by the employer in every area as a smooth functioning of these areas will help in smooth running of a business.
  2. Inter-Disciplinary: It is important to have an overall knowledge to work efficiently. Knowledge about Commerce, Economics, Mathematics etc. will assist in efficient working of an organization.
  3. Universal: Management is a universal phenomenon as it can be applied by any organization as per their work.
  4. Changes can be Adapted: With the changing scenario, changes may come to the way of management which can be adapted as per the needs of any organization.


In short, one can explain management meaning as it is an art of getting things done in a most effective and efficient manner by others.





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